Be sure to observe National Coffee Day on September 29th by getting a cup of coffee to go or linger over a cup or two or three!   

Grandma coffee mug

First, a little bit of history… The first coffee plants reached Italy, Europe, Indonesia and the Americas in the 1600’s. Brazil has always been known to produce more coffee in the world than any other country and only followed by Colombia.  Did you know that there are more than 50 countries around the world that grow coffee? According to some experts there are four very important components to a perfect cup of java: aroma, body, acidity, and flavor. As a coffee lover opens a bag of fresh coffee beans, the aroma is what they notice first - waking up their senses. Even those poor souls who don’t drink coffee tend to enjoy the aroma of roasted coffee beans.   

Mother of bride coffee mug, coffee cup

The body of a cup of coffee is factored in through the bean, the roast, and the brew. The bean affects the texture of the coffee - silky, creamy, thick or thin. The darker roast and how it is brewed will change the coffee’s body. But the determining factor of a cup of coffee is the acidity of the coffee. And that is placed on where the coffee is grown. Usually the higher the elevation, the higher the quality and the acidity of the coffee beans. These high altitude coffee beans are considered to be dryer and are enjoyed by coffee lovers for their flavor and the caffeine that they provide, but can also be enjoyed decaffeinated as well. 

Personalized coffee mug, coffee cup

So go ahead and enjoy a cup for your favorite coffee, in your favorite mug,  in the morning, at noon or at night and have it black, with milk or you can even enjoy it hot or cold.